Friday, September 30, 2011

With Blood and IronWith Blood and Iron by Douglas Reeman

I had not read a Douglas Reeman book in ages! I remember in the 70's I devoured every military novel that came out in paperback, especially the ones involving submarines like "With Blood and Iron."

A friend gave me a former library copy and I was immediately drawn into the wolf pack group "Meteor" commanded by Rudolf Steiger, a by the book aggressive submariner. Taking over a U-991 whose Captain had been killed on patrol under dubious circumstances, Steiger represents the dedicated German of the book through loyalty and honor. Surrounded by fascinating characters representing loyal Germans, like himself, Germans that begin questioning the future of the war, Nazis as represented by the Gestapo, and French resistance, Steiger battles to hold onto his ideals throughout the book. Set in 1944, it presents aspects of the Normandy invasion, the plot to kill Hitler, and the ultimate end of the Kriegsmarine's U-boat arm.

I am quite glad to be reacquainted with Reeman's work and will be searching through my library boxes for some of my favorites to reread. Espeically look forward to rereading "The Destroyers" and "His Majesty's U-Boat."

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